Sunday, February 19, 2017
Welcome to the International Leadership Embassy!

The Faces Of ILE


Hope Taylor

President/Director of ILE

Michael and Melissa Garman

Assistant Directors of IGFA

Michael serves as an Associate Pastor at The Church on Fire in Easton, Maryland.

Dana Sleger

D.C. Conference Administrator

Media freelance journalist/editor from Gulf Port, Mississippi.

Debbie Larsen


Serves as the administrator at Church of The King in La Grange, Georgia.

Linda Hart

Media development

Serves on the Leadership team at Church of The King in Norwalk, Ohio.

Rob Duncan

Resource Development

Senior leader of Church of The King in Norwalk, Ohio.

John Leger

Website Developer

Senior Pastor of The Church on Fire, in Easton, Maryland.

Freedoms Fire Ministry Team

Prayer and Prophetic Team

Joann Crawford, Gail Long, Betty McGinty, Beverly Mayberry, Jack Crawford, Rodney Mayberry, and Ronnie Long

Freedoms Fire is a national prophetic ministry based in Austin, Texas that walks in an Issachar anointing for understanding times and seasons.

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