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By Hope Taylor


At a recent Texas gathering of leaders, intercessors and believers committed to influencing their spheres of life with the Kingdom of God, I heard something from theLord when I woke up and was preparing for the day, but it somehow got mentally filed away among the host of other thoughts. Only after a prompting question from one of the conference conveners as to whether or not I was “hearing anything” did it resurface and begin to open revelation, encouragement and, I trust, direction for us all. The purpose of this article is not a teaching on listening or hearing the Lord, but to communicate what He spoke and how it applies to each of us and our nation in this turbulent season of economicuncertainty and political charades.


The word I heard was mitigate, which means “to cause to become less harsh or make less severe or painful.” (Merriam-Webster)


So we have a clear understanding and will be better prepared to make application, a brief framework of what I had been sensing over America the two previous weeks will be helpful. On Monday, October 7, I arrived in Washington, DC, and immediately went to the Capitol to spend time praying and walking the grounds. It was night time, the grounds were well lit, and the secured parking lot reserved for Congress was full. Of particular significance was the light at the top of the Capitol dome that indicates either the House or the Senate are in session. Politically speaking, the headlines were riveted on the partial government shutdown and beginning enrollment in what is commonly known asObamaCare. Poll numbers are steadfast and reveal public confidence in the legislative and executive branches of the United States government is very low. When I walked across the Capitol that night, what gripped me was something far more serious than poll numbers. I was arrested with the sense that our elected national leaders were in murky swamp waters way over their heads and were incapable of resolving the issues facing America.


As of this writing, the partial government shutdown has ended. It was ended due to an agreement between the House, Senate and President that also raised the national debt ceiling to 17 trillion plus.


It is my conviction that three recent things have escalated the code red conditions in our land. The partial government shutdown was like lighting a fuse that is moving toward an explosive device. In what I’ll label the national soul of common Americans, the shutdown signaled a realization or awakening among some that our federal government is not infallible. Some readers may well have been aware of this and used their voices to awaken others. The first responders can’t do it all in a crisis moment; they need an awakened population. Common Americans who once hoped their government would take care of them in a crisis now hear a voice from within. A fuse has been lit.


The implementation of ObamaCare is the second clear signal. The purpose here is not to argue the points of healthcare. This launching of a federal government program is not about offering healthcare to ‘poor’ Americans. At its core, it is about who is in control and who will the citizenry put their trust in. Will it be God or will it be a man or political system? The prize in this race is who is in control, not who has healthcare.


The final escalation point is the decision by our national elected leaders to raise the debt ceiling. Biblically, civil leaders are to protect the people they serve from domestic or foreign enemies. Raising the debt ceiling for some meant they could return to their jobs or visit national monuments again. For our elected officials, it meant the political pressure gauge was turned back. For common Americans, it meant they and their offspring for generations will have front row seats to a modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In this case, those responsible to protect the people have become chief offenders!  The violation of Biblical wisdom in economics by our current national leaders will be addressed by the eternal God! One only has to be reminded of the Pharaoh who ended up at the bottom of the sea when he sought to oppress the Hebrews through his government building program by enslaving them.


It was in this context that I heard the Lord say: Mitigate. The praying Church, the passionate Church, the prepared Church, the persistent Church is a powerful army whoGod has delivered from the mindset of entitlement and slavery. My dear friends, this appeal and burden for America’s future reminds me of Apostle Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 2:4 — “and my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.” We must not expect God to bail us out of this anymore than the citizenry can expect government to bail it out. Yes, He will demonstrate His power as we who represent His interests in discipling this nation mitigate current affairs through our prayers and sacrificial service to our communities. Your role in this is critical. Mitigate!


Pray and Act:


1. Ask God what your prayer assignment is concerning America, and let your voice be heard in the throne room, your fellowship sphere, and in your community.

2. Repent of any wrong attitudes we may have or those in the church may carry that says God’s assignment on America is over.

3. Get involved at the next level of influence and doors God will open to you.

Author: Hope Taylor
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