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May 01

May USRPN Article: The U.S. Presidency: Now What?

Image Credit: Dana Sleger / International Leadership Embassy

At the conclusion of a recent teaching session in Killeen, Texas, a gentleman raised his hand and asked, “What should Christians do given the two likely candidates for president?” Our sincere, deeply concerned brother in the Lord had broken the silence and expressed the thoughts of millions of believers. The U.S. presidency: Now what?

To answer this question, we must look to the Word of God and not be headline activists. Those who lead at high levels do so by determining the way forward, defining terms of the conversation, and deciding who will be invited to the deliberation table. The civil ruler, Nimrod, was a pioneer who stepped onto history’s stage and portrayed the role of what is being acted out in our day. Genesis 11:1-9 describes how Nimrod’s administration worked to centralize power by centralizing people geographically and focusing their attention on the civil ruler’s outstretched arms of one size fits all provision. God had instructed the people to disburse and build, but the leaders were determined to centralize and built a city for themselves. This original planned community was advertised to offer its residents the ultimate in modern conveniences. One language, international recognition, unprecedented economic leverage and job security on the government tower building project were offered to all.


Author: Hope Taylor
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