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July 2010 Edition

Church, the nation and the November election

Take Back America imageFor the past few weeks, I've carried such a strong burden for the Church in America and our nation that I've struggled to write this report. At times, the stirring has been so strong that as I've tried to go on with life and responsibilities, I will awaken each day with an even more intense grieving.

Possibly even publishing this article will alienate some of our close ministry friends and those we highly esteem in the Kingdom as mature leaders. The reality of jeopardizing a very young ministry who has experienced our own share of challenges both personally and organizationally to being misunderstood and branded has been fully considered. So maybe this becomes a turning point for ILE. Our decision after weighing these matters is we cannot stop speaking what we've seen and heard. A jealousy for the Kingdom now requires we express a few things with the sincere cry before our King, that they can somehow help right the course of this movement and our nation!

My burning question is this: Will the current apostolic movement fulfill its assignment or simply be remembered as a move birthed by God yet derailed along the way?

At a recent conference attended by several hundred believers from the apostolic stream and featuring nationally recognized Church leaders, I found myself having a difficult time engaging, and at times I was simply distraught. How can our meetings and conferences continue to dwell on past issues, personal blessings and international issues while our nation awaits the corporate mature Church to arise and contend for the King's interest? As important as the issues are such as the oil spill, the economy, the war, securing our borders/immigration and our foreign relations with key nations such as Israel, may they not become a distraction from our Kingdom assignment of seeing reformation, and specifically setting the course for our great nation's future.

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