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2012 Election: What Happened? What's Next? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hope Taylor   
Sunday, 11 November 2012 14:32


November 6, I was shocked. Whether right or wrong, wise or

naive, we firmly believed the American people were

awakened and engaged sufficiently to stop the runaway train

loaded with toxic chemicals of economic irresponsibility,

moral depravity, assaults on the family, and blatant disre

The long night of November 6 gave way to a very sobering

November 7. With raw emotions, disbelief, periods of

weeping, a broken heart, intentional limited conversations

and media exposure, I sought God for understanding and

clarity. We simply can't go to the next thing on the calendar

or to-do list without cooperating with the process of grieving

and learning what valuable lessons are needed for the future.

Healthy families process their way forward through

challenges and setbacks. I recommend individuals, pastors,

prayer groups and congregations who were highly engaged

in the election set aside time to talk, pray and process. A

clear perspective, healthy attitude and successful future

hinges on how we allow God to speak to us, and if

necessary, release healing.


This response is written to honor the selfless acts of

thousands of people we had the privilege of praying and

working with, speaking to, and who entrusted their precious

resources to us and the Kingdom of God this year in good

faith that America could turn in 2012. I salute the 'first

responders' who have risked their futures, jeopardized

friendships, given generously, prayed without ceasing,

obeyed God and responded when summoned to take a stand

as a watchman on the cultural wall across the country at a

moment's notice. It has been our privilege to walk with, work

alongside and war in the trenches with you throughout our

great nation.

What happened?

We'll focus on two primary thoughts realizing there are many

worthwhile discussions that need to take place among the

Church, its leaders, and those who love God and believe in

America. The Christian community will now learn the hard

lesson of incrementalism. Incrementalism is a principle from

the Scriptures that says whether your discipling nations or

wrestling with high level problems, you must think and work

for incremental gain. Exodus 23:29-30 says, "I will not drive

them out before you in a single year, that the land may not

become desolate, and the beast of the field become too

numerous for you. I will drive them out before you little by

little, until you become fruitful and take possession of the


The Kingdom of God includes the miraculous sudden

interventions however lands are possessed, nations are

discipled, and critical elections are won step by step. While

the Charismatic movement reminded us of the Holy Spirit's

power, place and importance, unfortunately a byproduct is a

significant number of culturally irrelevant, self-focused,

Biblically illiterate believers. Our interactions in 2012 with

many people and believers caused serious concern that

because Governor Romney was not seen as the ideal

candidate, people would stay home and not get involved.

This all or nothing ignorance has set the stage for a national

crisis beyond what we've witnessed in our lives.

On election night, political analysts said President Obama

won reelection because of his ground game in key states

such as Ohio. In other words, his campaigns strategy won the

day. Sound strategies prevail over sound ideas with low-level

organizational management. This thought takes us into the

next portion of now what?

What's next?

For this point, we look to the life of David when his child died

after he had fasted and laid on the ground before God

through the night praying for healing. 2 Samuel 12:19 and 23

tells how David responded to the devastating news and

tremendous loss. He got up, changed his clothes, began to

eat and worshiped God. The praying Church must not be

consumed by the harsh reality of a loss and therefore

paralyzed in these critical days. Your nation depends on you

getting up, changing your wardrobe from yesterday's battle,

regaining your strength, returning to the throne room of God

to worship the King, and reengaging in the long war of turning

America. There's no time allotted for disillusionment,

discouragement or disengagement.

I call attention to the story in Judges 19 and 20 where the

sons of Israel had their national wake up call. When

confronted with the sharp jagged edge of depravity, they said,

"Nothing like this has ever happened or been seen..." Millions

of Americans are now thinking what the sons of Israel stated.

Though they were stunned by the disgraceful acts the tribe

of Benjamin had committed, what they did is a blue print for


Together they worked, warred and won. The pressure

imposed on them by current events, which would affect

everyone, forced them to unite as never before. While I

celebrate the progress and locking of arms in the body of

Christ in 2012, the truth is it wasn't as broad and coordinated

as needed to win. Beginning now, the Church must work

diligently to find ways of uniting on a broader level. 2013 and

beyond will bring intensified pressures on families, ministries

and communities. We must be willing to lay down our will,

pride and ministries for the greater cause. The pressure is on

--- pray God's people work together on a broader level than

in 2012.

In Judges, the people warred together with resolute resolve

and refined strategy. Though they were 'in the right,'

standing for truth, and fighting for the good of their people's

future, they lost 22,000 men in the first battle and 18,000 in

the next battle. My dear friends and comrades in Christ's

Kingdom and specifically those who uphold conservative

ideas, the last two presidential elections --- though fought

with intensity, passion and notable sacrifice --- have been

much like a prize fighter taking a direct hit to the head.

However, we must heed the word of God and learn from it in

such a time as this. As 2012 comes to its final act and 2013

opens, we are to show up again for the third day of battle.

Like the great patriots who have gone before us and on

whose shoulders we now stand, may we go to the Lord

weeping if need be, praying, fasting, worshiping and obtain

from God Himself the strategy to win. The sons of Israel

asked Him if they should fight again or cease. God gave a

promise for the first time telling them to fight and the next day

He would deliver the enemy into their hand. With that, they

employed a new strategy and were victorious. Scripture says

the men of Benjamin were terrified and defeated on the third

day. Two days have past and it's now the third day. We are

not satisfied to say we ran the race or are we disillusioned by

the past setbacks? May the people of God gain the

strategies needed and hold fast with the will and faith to win!


A primary assignment we have carried since 2004 is to be a

voice to the Church and civil government. In light of this,

given the 2012 election results and what we feel God will do

in America, we solicit the prayer of the Church as we pursue

the following things.

1)  Establish Community Watch Groups: A new era

requires new levels of cooperation in our local communities.

Pastors and churches must shift from just appointing people

to lead ministries within the Church, to appointing leaders

who monitor the important issues within the community.

These community watch groups should work in partnership

with the same groups from other churches within a city. The

impact of this type of united initiative creates a citywide

alliance that can educate and mobilize the Christian

community --- much like military special operations intervenes

quickly and effectively. As these regional leaders network

within their state, it will take the next step of networking on a

national level. When this level of cooperation is reached, the

Church will be prepared as a voice to state and national civil

government leaders. From a Kingdom of God perspective,

we'll see the principle of synergy and agreement activated for

righteous causes. From a political perspective, our

government leaders will hear the voice of a unified and

informed voting block. This national network has the potential

to reform the existing lobbying system in Washington, D.C.,

as well as the capital cities.

2)  Pastors serving as mayors in 50 percent of America's cities: While pastor-to-pastor fellowship circles have been

appreciated, they are subject to becoming old wineskins

unless they take the next steps of governmental

engagement. We are seeing an exciting and effective trend

as pastors, who have served with dignity and honor in their

communities, are now being elected as city officials. To turn

America under the current administration in a new era calls

for new strategy at the local level. As an example, pastor

fellowship circles can be a catalyst as they designate a local

pastor who carries the anointing of God to serve the

community as mayor. The time is now to begin this process of

prayer, discussion and planning. As the Christian community

works together to pray, promote and fund a designated

servant to run for office, it's realistic to envision we're one

election away from having Godly men and women as mayors

in fifty percent of the cities in America. From this growing

base of righteous, Kingdom-minded servants, we develop

a pool of experienced civil leaders from which our state,

national and future presidential candidates can be chosen.

3)  Positioning spiritual leaders who work on the core team with local and national civil leaders: This is a new

pioneering era in our lifetime where Ephesians 4:11 spiritual

leaders will work closely with civil government leaders from

Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. to Main Street

America. Historically, we've seen evangelists meeting with

presidents and their photographs viewed across the nation.

While this is appreciated, we must understand Scripture

identifies the importance of apostles, prophets, pastors,

teachers and evangelists. The government of God must begin

to assist high-level officials in the monumental responsibility

of governing the nation so families live in peace, freedom and

prosperity. We must shift our thinking from being content to

pray leaders into offices to advising them while in office. This

means we begin now to identify the national leaders who

carry a mantle for leadership and potential presidential

candidates. As they are identified, a concentrated effort will

be launched to develop relationship and build trust so that

when the 2016 election cycle becomes front page news, the

Church will have invested several years communicating

Biblical and Kingdom wisdom to the candidates. Day three

strategy calls the Church to a higher standard of

communication and cooperation among itself, and within our

cities, states and nation. This type of leadership creates a

higher level of stewardship for our nation and for the honor of

our God!

We close with a quote from Joseph Addison's 1713

play Cato. Cato the Younger (95-46 B.C.) was a great Roman

statesman who took sides with Pompey in his unsuccessful

civil war against Julius Caesar. Caesar and his legions were

advancing towards Utica, while Cato and a small Roman

senate stood ready to defend the last vestige of the Roman



Fathers, we once again are met in council.

Caesar's approach has summon'd us together,

And Rome attends her fate from our resolves:

How shall we treat this bold aspiring man?

Success still follows him, and backs his crimes:

Pharsalia gave him Rome; Egypt has since

Receiv'd his yoke, and the whole Nile is Caesar's.

Why should I mention Juba's overthrow,

And Scipio's death? Numidia's burning sands

Still smoke with blood. 'Tis time we should decree

What course to take. Our foe advances on us,

And envies us even Libya's sultry deserts.

Fathers, pronounce your thoughts, are they still fix'd

To hold it out, and fight it to the last?

Or are your hearts subdued at length, and wrought

By time and ill success to a submission?

Sempronius, speak.


-- My voice is still for war.

Gods! Can a Roman senate long debate

Which of the two to choose, slavery or death!

No, let us rise at once, gird on our swords,

And, at the head of our remaining troops,

Attack the foe, break through the thick array

Of his throng'd legions, and charge home upon him.

Perhaps some arm, more lucky than the rest,

May reach his heart, and free the world from bondage.

Rise, fathers, rise! 'Tis Rome demands your help;

Rise, and revenge her slaughter'd citizens,

Or share their fate! the corps of half her senate

Manure the fields of Thessaly, while we

Sit here, deliberating in cold debates

If we should sacrifice our lives to honour,

Or wear them out in servitude and chains,

Rouse up, for shame! our brothers of Pharsalia

Point at their wounds, and cry aloud - To battle!

Great Pompey's shade complains that we are slow,

And Scipio's ghost walks unreveng'd amongst us!

I crown the many comments in this article entitled "2012

Election: What Happened? What's Next?" with these words --

- my voice is still for war! May God bless the land we so dearly love!


Wm Hope Taylor, President

International Leadership Embassy

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Awaken PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hope Taylor   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012 20:58


United Strategies Solve Local Problems


The year was 1973 when a gifted gospel singer named Andraé Crouch and his sister Sandra released the song Jesus Is The Answer. As a young believer in my late teens, the combination of their beautiful voices and simple, yet powerful lyrics ministered needed comfort to my soul. As it is with many great songs, they continue to bring hope, encouragement and faith to thousands of listeners. The chorus says:

Jesus is the answer

For the world today

Above Him there’s no other

Jesus is the way (1)


Fast forward to 2013 and Andraé’s words are still true. On the 40th anniversary of this song, America is reminded of another 40th anniversary — Roe v. Wade. It’s quite interesting that while believers segregated themselves into monasteries otherwise known as local congregations, held one another’s hands, or in some cases, lifted their hands toward heaven and sang “Jesus Is The Answer,” the well organized decision makers who drive culture were legalizing the 70s version of terrorism perpetrated on the most innocent and vulnerable among us.

Peering into the 1980s, we see another stark contrast. Many sources report the late 80s as the birth of the terrorist group Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, which was led by Osama Bin Laden. Al Qaeda means “The Base” and it utilizes what is commonly known as cells to operate and carry out their evil influence around the world. In the United States, there was significant emphasis on the use of cells or small groups in the church as a model and method for ministry. Our purpose here is not to diminish or evaluate cell-based ministry, but simply to make the observation thatwhile much of the Christian Church was clustered in cell groups, radical Islamists birthed a movement of terror and death influencing nations.

While Jesus is the answer, our generation must take calculated and bold measures to turn the direction of our culture in the United States. The disconnect from personal faith and societal stewardship rampant in past decades is over. As Apostle Paul dealt with those propagating a different or altered gospel in Galatians due to it being a counterfeit, so today those who teach the faux gospel of believers isolated from culture should receive the verdict: “Let him be accursed.”

This move from isolation to influence demands two prominent pieces church leaders must employ. The first is an emphasis on unity within cities and regions. The second is a blend of prophetic and tactical strategies.

Families, communities, churches and America are in a crisis! Out of crisis a cause is born. In the midst of this crisis the people of God are presented with an opportune moment of history. God uses pressure to promote His purposes in people and people groups. As leaders and believers partner with His purpose and buy into the cooperative cause, those things many have prayed and hoped for will become reality.

Let’s examine unity and strategy to gain insight, which produces influence. The original failure in the garden where God set the first family and those assigned to influence all culture as representatives of His covenant with man was not dietary in nature. Adam and Eve failed to live in unity with God and one another, and therefore fell from their position of bringing influence for good to their community. We point this out to help us count the cost of true unity so we understand that unity at its root is spiritual.

The Body of Christ has seen efforts toward unity in recent history. Most will rememberPromise Keepers where stadiums filled with men across the United States spread the powerful message of brotherhood and unity. We salute two well known prayer ministries — Reformation Prayer Network led by Mike and Cindy Jacobs and Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network led by John Benefiel for their efforts to work together on prayer assignments affecting the nation. On a regional level there is a group of leaders on the Western Slope in Colorado known as theColorado Coalition for Regional Transformation that has made measurable progress. Approximately twenty churches and ministers spanning 150 miles meet on a frequent basis for worship, prayer and cooperative efforts. This has brought Anglos, Hispanics and Native Americans into relationships and partnerships. A noteworthy accomplishment of this group is they view the region as a corporate responsibility and therefore demonstrate a significant level of cooperation.

God is calling His Church to higher levels of cooperation within communities and regions throughout America. For communication purposes, we’ll subjectively classify efforts to work together in cities and regions for the most part at the freshman level. The next two years present a window to move into at least a junior level, which is where we need to be given our cultural challenges. Serious Kingdom-based efforts toward unity will be as a modern day ark, a vessel of salvation for regions in the midst of the rising levels of economic and cultural pressures. Regions where unity has matured will be likened to the Old Testament cities of refuge,whereas regions and leaders who refuse to cooperate will be likened to what happened with Korah and his isolationist associates in Numbers 16.

Unity is a scriptural truth, but never the end goal. John 17:21 records the words of Jesus who expressed unity as a vehicle taking us toward a destination. The journey of unity among the Trinity and the Church will lead to people having faith and revelation. Therefore in our generation, unity efforts will lead to effective strategies. Success or effectiveness can no longer simply be measured by how many people participated, how “good” the worship, message or prayer time was, or if the budget was met. Success will be measured by a new standard which is, “What have our united strategies accomplished on a local level in solving community problems?” Spiritual meccas with high crime, unemployment, housing foreclosures and poverty rates are simply unacceptable. Such scenarios where thousands of believers migrate to a central location for personal spiritual pleasure for an extended period of time is typical of the 1973atmosphere in America when we sang, “Jesus is the answer for the world today” while evil paraded down main street.

The spiritual leaders of our cities are being pressed into action, armed with a firm commitment for unity, and are using their resources for the common good while employing fine tuned strategies. Here are some questions to ponder:

What is the plan of God for your city?
Who are those gifted with prophetic eyes and ears and what are they saying over your city?
What are the pressing issues confronting your region?
Who are the leaders needing to play on the team in your region?
What steps can be taken?
What strategies are needed?

As we enter 2013, the stakes are higher than before. The hour is here for bold and calculated strategies to be employed by leaders who prioritize unity in each region.



Prayer Point:


Pray for those in your region who carry the mantle for unity to be emboldened for this season and assignment.

Action Step:


Get involved with those in your city who are working together and discover what your contribution is.



Works Cited


1) Andraé Crouch. “Jesus Is the Answer.” Light Records, 1973.









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